• CHIJ Women History Makers

    ‘Women are not as impactful as men!’, ‘Women can’t do everything men can do!’ These are perspectives that many of us might have had when growing up. This is where the Singapore Women’s Hall of Fame comes in. Through exhibitions and talks, we aim to change the mind-sets of many, especially the younger generation, by sharing inspiring stories of pioneering and outstanding women in Singapore.

  • The Making of A Warrior

    Her father used to often ask her “Why do you think you were born into this world?” Every morning, Ivy Singh Lim, the Champion of Farming in Singapore, would look into the mirror and tell herself “You are beautiful and strong!”

  • A Blast from the Past at Books and Music Week

    Classes suspended for 3 days. An Ancient Roman #OOTD (Outfit of Those Days) Fashion Parade showcasing costumes designed by students. A class performing an adaption of Les Miserables’ ‘Do You Hear The People Sing’. The air was abuzz with excitement amidst songs and dance.

  • St. Margaret's Secondary School Honours Alumnae

    A surprise special assembly was held held at St. Margaret’s Secondary School earlier this year on the first day of school. Upset that their long December holidays have come to an end, the girls were not in the perkiest of spirits. Some of the girls even told us before the assembly that they already had exams lined up on their very first week back in school. Yikes. Little did they know what was in store for them for the upcoming week – a little something that can uplift their spirits!

  • Nine-Year Old Quiz Winner for Week 2

    At 9 years old, he could barely see over our front desk without standing on tip toes, but Justin Kong’s voice was loud and clear as he proudly announced “I’m a quiz winner”, waving his birth certificate as proof of identity (as 9 year olds do not have identity cards yet).